Yonder is a ceramics boutique in San Francisco created by artist, Linda Fahey. In my rebrand, I wanted to extend the handcrafted feel from the ceramics into all elements of the brand. Each part of Yonder should feel upscale and well crafted, showcasing the best of the ceramicist.
To best incorporate handcrafted elements, I created the indigo-dyed paper used throughout this project.
Ryan Bailey
Yonder is Linda's studio as well as her store so customers often get to see the process behind the final products. I wanted to showcase this idea of process in the pricing signs with sketches of the product.
Every part of the Yonder experience, including the packaging, is a chance to create a luxury experience. I envisioned Yonder ceramics packaged in a custom, foiled, box. 
For the purpose of this project, I constructed this box by hand.
A handcrafted product requires a handcrafted touch. Handwritten elements remind the customer that
they are purchasing something unique.
Linda also creates fine art pieces and has work on display in gallery settings,
so I created additional print collateral that could be used for events.
For the Yonder website, I used stamp elements and overlapping imagery to nod to the
physical nature of Linda's work while it's presented in the digital space.
The shopping platform allows users to filter the products to
find exactly the right piece.
Customers of handcrafted goods care about the story of the maker. Yonder's website introduces Linda.
Social media can be utilized by the Yonder brand to reach out to locals and fans and inform them of new events and collections.
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