These emails were a valuable opportunity for me to work alongside a variety of teams at James Avery. I would receive a request from marketing with the email theme and jewelry they wanted to include. After that, I communicated with marketing to finalize existing files, make edits, and request new shots to best showcase the jewelry while also fitting in the copy. I met with the rest of the graphic design team to review the progress of the emails and ensure they fit the cohesive James Avery feel. 
During my internship, I created multiple summer emails and the first batch of fall emails (pictured below). I created an illustrated footer for the fall emails to be used by the design team for the remainder of the season.
Senior Designer
 Jill Lindner
Sarah Sawyer
Fall emails, including the seasonal footer.
While at my internship I also re-designed the Ring Sizing Guide. Previously the guide only included the circle method which required an individual to already have a ring that fit them in order to determine their ring size. I researched and added an additional method, the bars on the second half of the page, to allow customers to determine their ring size in a more accessible way, with a slip of paper or piece of string.
Fall email including secondary messaging leading to the Ring Sizing Guide.
Like many other retail businesses, James Avery utilizes social media to promote their brand. For each email I also created optimized crops to be used on Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms as posts and ads.
Fall email paired with Instagram social media crop.
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